Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 27 – August 2, 2020

Your favorite subjects—career and relationships—take center stage this Monday, July 27, and you may not be able to think about much else! The workweek kicks off with the third and final in a trio of squares between amorous and industrious Venus in your professional tenth house and nebulous Neptune in your partnership sector. These two idealistic orbs met previously on May 3 and May 20 (when Venus was retrograde)—so what comes up for you now may feel like a reverberation of one (or both) of those dates. If you’re single, you may discover intriguing aspects and deeper layers to someone you wrote off as superficial or “not my type.” It can take people—especially if they’re shy or nervous—a while to reveal their true personalities, so don’t assume that what you see at first glance is all there is. Maybe you met someone during the previous mashups but it didn’t progress. If you’re still thinking of them, it might be worth a breezy “how ru?” text. Couples should get OUT of any routines that prioritize work over romance and taking each other for granted. This super-dreamy sync-up can get the old juices flowing…IF you put in the effort. Since Venus is in your career zone, a professional relationship could take on new life, whether you keep it “strictly business” or consider crossing a line. Just make sure the connection is strong enough to survive if things don’t work out. If it’s a budding work collaboration, start off with a low-stakes trial run. And for ALL unions, hold on to your principles, Virgo, but not so stubbornly that you become rigid and nobody wants to play with you.

Friday’s stars bring many options, but it’s safe to assume none of them will be vanilla. Under a supportive trine between the Sun in your twelfth house of synchronicity and mysticism and alchemical Chiron, you’re in for a soulful night. Whether you have a first (distanced) date with an artistic type, queue up a favorite romcom with bae or just take a candlelit yoga class, you can get in touch with a deeper side of yourself that you don’t always call forth. Don’t just go through the motions; slow everything down to half-speed and let yourself really feel those feels!

On Sunday, the luminous Sun (still simmering in your twelfth house of closure, release and healing) forms a very different alignment, this time with activating Uranus in your ninth house of freedom and expansion. Have you been wrestling with a weighty decision? If someone or something (e.g., limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits) has been holding you back, you could reach your breaking point this weekend after weeks or months of putting up with an increasingly intolerable situation. This Sun-Uranus showdown may force you to confront one huge question: What, if anything, are you still getting out of this? If you’re not receiving adequate love and support, reclaim YOUR powerful emotions and save them for someone who will appreciate your amazingness!

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