The 21 Best Tinted Moisturizers, According to the Experts

Tinted moisturizers might just be the easiest thing to wear when it comes to makeup. Whether you’re going for an easy-breezy look, a lighter alternative to foundation on sweltering days, or even something to wear on a night out, the versatile product has got you set. It pretty much does it all—improves your complexion, hydrates your skin, and leave you with a dewy glow.

“Tinted moisturizer is basically a regular moisturizer, with pigment added,” explains board-certified dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, FAAD. “It’s lighter than foundation, providing less coverage, but if your skin tone is already pretty even, a tinted moisturizer is a great option to give you a no-makeup (makeup) look. Its primary goal is to moisturize while providing a hint of color to brighten your skin and give a glow.”

The good and bad news, though? There are so many products to choose from out there. Some tinted moisturizers reign supreme over the others. So, if you’re considering one, you’re in luck. We went to the experts to help us choose.

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