Reviewed: Why Fashion Girls Love Kitty and Vibe

Aside from fashion and beauty, what are some things that are currently bringing you comfort?

This time has allowed me to tap into my creative side a bit more. Week two of quarantine, I ordered a watercolor set, and I’ve been painting weekly. I’m a huge advocate of normalizing mental health, and this has been vital to surviving 2020. I have therapy on Mondays, and it’s an hour a week of time dedicated strictly for me. I encourage everyone to carve out that time, even if therapy isn’t accessible for you. Perhaps it looks like spending some moments to focus on your breath, get lost in a book, or walk around the block. It really makes a difference—I dare you!

What are two to three of your favorite brands you like to support and why?

So many! I’m super attracted to the carefree aesthetic of Cocokind and really love their no-hassle minimalist products. I love Sky Ting, a yoga studio born in NYC. They have a video subscription service that has been a savior for me during quarantine.

What’s one fashion or beauty trend we shouldn’t sleep on and why?

The other day, I was looking at all of my cosmetics products, and I was pretty shook by the fact that I couldn’t pronounce a lot of the ingredients. I’m leaning in hard to the clean-beauty trend, especially for everyday products like moisturizer and mascara.

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