16 Low-Fuss Beauty Products We Love

I’ll never claim to be the lowest maintenance girl on the planet, but I also don’t really have time for a super extensive beauty routine. Luckily, a time-consuming one doesn’t mean it’s any more effective than a quick and easy one. That said, sometimes I barely even want to do a quick beauty routine, and especially can’t be bothered with layering multiple products. But I’ve discovered that if you have the right products, you can get away with caring for your skin and hair and doing your makeup with very minimal effort. 

When it comes to beauty product buzzwords, “low-fuss” is one of my favorite ones. While I’m a self-professed beauty product junkie, I’m no dermatologist, so the more user-friendly the better. I don’t think I’m alone in that, as so many great beauty brands are constantly busy creating products that cater to shoppers’ low-fuss desires. Scroll to shop some of my favorites, because no time like the present to simplify your beauty routine.

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